Joyce Carol Oates’ The Accursed


From Rachel: An intricate tale of Princeton in the early 1900s, The Accursed was a rewarding (if not easy) read, haunting at times, with the right balance of narrative and creativity of form.

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Lisa O’Donnell’s The Death of Bees


From Rachel: This book broke my heart in perfect ways. The style is beautiful in its distinctness – each character has such a specific voice, not so different that it feels absurd, but not too similar that one character bleeds into the next. Lisa O’Donnell does a fantastic job portraying all people – even drug dealers, adulterers, sex offenders, etc – capable of kindness.

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Sarah Pleydell’s Cologne


From Rachel: Cologne tells of a German au pair, Renate, working in London in the early 1960s. Focusing on Caroline and Maggie, the two British charges of Renate, this novel vividly displays how national prejudices pass from generation to generation. I was particularly impressed with the voice of the two girls; though young, they’re written as clever and observant. Good for anyone who is interested in WW2 and after!

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