Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon

moonFrom Brian:

Want to read a high-concept supernatural thriller about a race of marginalized lycans? Read this. Red Room is a great story with great characters, and, of course, with just the right amount of action and bloodlust.


Richard Price’s Lush Life


Brian says: “Richard Price writes some of the most realistic dialogue you’ll ever read. Ever. Combine that with the great pacing and rhythm, vividly lifelike characters, effortless description of urban life, and it’s no wonder that Richard Price was a writer for The Wire. Lush Life blurs the line between literary novel and crime novel so well that you might not even realize there was ever a line between the two in the first place.”

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Charlie LeDuff’s Detroit: An American Autopsy


From Brian: Part corruption expose, part memoir, part requiem for a once great city, LeDuff’s Detroit is honest, sad, and at times darkly comic. It reads like a noir thriller, a sort of whodunit with Detroit as the victim. The city of Detroit is the main character here, and is drawn as richly as any character in any of the best fiction. This was a book that was impossible to set down.

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Julia Keller’s A Killing in the Hills


Fom Matt: Julia Keller’s first novel opens with three old men getting gunned down while enjoying their morning coffee. The local prosecuting attorney’s daughter witnesses the crime and also recognizes the murderer. Thus beginsĀ A Killing in the Hills. Set in the fictional town of Acker’s Gap, West Virginia, Keller deftly brings to life the state’s stunning natural beauty and deep poverty in this marvelous page-turning thriller.

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Manuel Gonzales’ The Miniature Wife And Other Stories


From Brian: This is one of those best of both worlds types of books. The stories have all the inventiveness and wit of Kafka, without all the bleak, paranoid overtones of, well, Kafka. In one story an airplane is hijacked, and circles Dallas for 20 years. In the title story, a man accidentally shrinks his wife to the size of a coffee mug, which, of course, makes her quite angry (it may be one of the funniest stories I’ve read in a long time). But despite the fantastical and strange premises of these stories, they all feel real and immediate because of the clear, smooth, and engaging way that Gonzales writes. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes their reading to be fun, and maybe a little quirky.

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